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Naturally Occuring Structure_2 film photograph by Andrew Todd


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Andrew Todd


I'm an Artist, Photographer and Educator who is passionate about how creative thinking enhances us as individuals.

My practice is organic in nature and centred around the process of allowing the viewer to engage in my works by observing manipulated imagery and textual interplays, in my case either through paint on canvas, mixed media photo montage or film photography and photograms.

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My art & photography studio

Samford, Brisbane

I am based out of my home studio in the scenic Samford Valley, on the outskirts of Brisbane. My surrounds often serve as inspiration for my artwork and photography.

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Recent art awards and exhibitions

My artwork and photography has been showcased in several exhibits locally in the Brisbane and Moreton Bay Region.

I have also placed as finalist in the Moreton Bay Region Art Prize for two years running, an annual exhibition that supports and celebrates the diverse creative talent of local artists.

Stay tuned for further updates on where you can find my work!

Moreton Bay Art Awards

My photomontage entitled 'The Yard' was selected as a finalist in the Moreton Bay Art Awards 2023

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The Yard by Andrew Todd - paint & mixed media montage artwork

Retro Scape Exhibition

A collection of my mixed media artwork was exhibited at Two Charming Finches cafe in Mitchelton, Brisbane in 2019

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Retro Scape Exhibition Brisbane Flyer Andrew Todd artist